“From Kimchi to Pizza, My Little Brother’s Journey Home” is the story of a small boy from Korea to his adoptive family in America, including Ruby, his pre-teen sister. Written by young adult and children’s author Margot F. Horwitz and illustrated by Dave Sebenne, the book is filled with adventures, mishaps and new understandings. It explores the lives of two dramatically different siblings as they navigate their first year together.

Growing up can be challenging enough, but when Ruby suddenly finds herself flying off to Seoul, Korea with her mother and father to collect little Leo Sung at his orphanage, it becomes a whole new world—literally. The trip to a foreign country is different enough, while meeting a child so unlike anyone she knows, is mind-blowing. Yet even that will not compare to the adjustments which are waiting at home.

While Ruby had once desperately wanted a brother or sister, she did not expect a child who would share her bedroom and get into her stuff—not to mention want to do everything she does. But she begins to realize she has to figure out how this will all work, for her and her parents—and for Leo Sung.

The deepening and evolving bond between the children, despite the normal ups and downs of siblings, is the basis of “From Kimchi to Pizza.” It is geared to children ages 5-8.

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